Beauty Trends: Things You Should Know About Magnetic Eyeliners

Right after a couple of years, the magnetic lashes craze has finally subsided. There's a new trend that's been going around in the beauty industry, something revolutionary than the previous trend. Well, obviously, it's the magnetic eyeliner.

Together, these two trends give us a new and convenient way to have fuller and stunning eyelashes. I know you have questions regarding this new product. So today, I will try to answer them with our topic. Continue reading below to learn more about magnetic eyeliner.

What is Magnetic Eyeliner?

It's exactly what it sounds like – an eyeliner that is attracted to magnets. Now let me explain. This particular product contains small particles of iron oxides and some minerals, making it attracted to magnetic. 

When did we have cosmetic products that had magnets? That's where magnetic lashes come in! This type of lashes will adhere to the eyeliner much easier. The eyelash extensions will be positioned just above your natural lashes. Thus, this gives a much natural and precise look. It also reduces wear and possible damage to your natural lashes.

How to Use Magnetic Eyeliner

How hard is it to apply? Are there any tricks on applying it? I hate to break it up to you, but it's pretty simple. Here's what you should do;

Step One: Make a line.

Wait, what? What line? Did you forget? It's an eyeliner. Use it as a regular liquid eyeliner. You can start by making a thin line just above your upper lash with it. It would be best if you use short and light strokes first, so you can create a precise line. You can wing it out too if you want to.

Pro-tip. Make sure that line you created is thick enough. The line will serve as a solid base for your magnetic eyelashes to adhere as close to your natural lashes. And gives the eyeliner an ample amount of time to dry before moving to the next step, which is

Step Two: Apply magnetic lashes.

Take note. These lashes aren't your regular magnetic eyelashes. These lashes come with your magnetic liner. 

I want you to take your lash strip and bend it carefully to make it easier for you to shape it with your eyelids. Then, carefully hold the strip near your lash line and let the magnet do its work. Do trim the strip if needed. If it's too long, cut it. After placing the strip, adjust it if necessary to have a much natural look and fuller look on your lashes. 

Pretty simple, right? Well, of course. With this, you don't have to worry about sticky glue, which leaves quite a mess. It saves time, and it's pretty convenient too.

Are Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Safe?

Yes, they are. If you are concerned about the electromagnetic frequency the magnets generate, they're quite low and don't have any effect with your eye, except for heavier eyelids. 

As for the eyeliner, it's safe, too, if used correctly. If the small iron particles (iron oxides) you're afraid of, well, they're safe too. The FDA carefully regulates the use of iron oxides to makeup and skincare products. Plus, they are synthetic iron oxides, which means they don't actually contain ferric oxides. 

As long as you buy products that are FDA approved, you can assure that they're safe for use. Just like LashRay Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner, they're easy to use, safe, convenient, and it gives your lashes a gorgeous look after. 

Last Words

That's it for magnetic eyeliners. Truly, they change the way we use magnetic lashes from now on. It's super easy, you can finish two jobs in one go, and it's completely safe! These new beauty trends have become more convenient than the previous ones. What do you think would be the next revolutionary beauty trend?