Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for When Buying Lash Serum

I know that you’re shocked by how many lash serum brands there are in the market. It’s frustrating, especially if you can’t tell their differences. Don’t feel bad. I did experience this when I had to buy my first lash serum.

We all want to have the best results for our lashes. Continue reading, and I will share with you what are the important key points/factors to look for.

Essential Things When Buying Lash Serum

1# Has a good applicator

Don’t you ever underestimate a brush. A lash serum brush helps you effectively apply it to your lashes. I highly recommend brands with pointy brushes like the LashRay Lash Serum. What about it, you say. 

Well, this type of brush helps you draw an invisible line near the roots of your lashes—the follicles directly absorb that way, the active ingredients of the eyelash serum. 

Try avoiding brands that use spoolie brush, the ones used for applying mascara. What happens is that the follicles don’t fully absorb the nourishing ingredients. When the follicles aren’t nourished, your lashes will roughly grow and will stay the same length as before.

So when buying your first lash serum, opt for brands that use pointy brushes. 

2# The ingredients

This is also very crucial. You should pick a lash serum that has all the nourishing ingredients needed for your lashes. Here are the ingredients you should look for and what they actually do.

Biotin - a vitamin complex that helps convert foods into energy. It also promotes healthy hair growth.

Peptides - are made out of amino acids. This ingredient is responsible for balancing hair growth.

Collagen - is also made out of amino acids. Our hair needs proteins for them to grow. Collagen is considered a building block in hair growth. 

Sodium hyaluronate - a dietary supplement that helps contain moisture in your hair, thus preventing breakage. 

The best lash serum has these active ingredients. Some brands add more active ingredients to make theirs more potent and effective. Always on the lookout for these ingredients when buying. 

3# Safety

You should always check a brand if it’s FDA approved. Remember, you’ll be applying it to one of the most delicate areas on your body – your eyes. That’s you should ensure that the serum is safe, and you won’t have any allergic reaction.

I’ve seen several brands in the store that offer samples to their customers. That way, the customer can know immediately if the serum is safe for her. You should do that. 

4# Results

I know how important the results are for you. That’s why you should be critical about when you will be experiencing the results. Expect to see some results when you use LashRay Lash Growth Serum after two weeks of using it. 

For me, you can visibly see the results after a month of using it. You can even make a photo comparison. 

I highly suggest you should opt for a lash serum that offers quick results and effective results. You can validate their claims through reviews.

Final Thoughts

Just remember these four essential factors when buying a lash growth serum, and you’re on your way to get the best lash serum the market has to offer.