Choosing Which Eyelash Extension Style Suits You

There’s only little to no chance at all that we will have the same eyes. We, ladies, have our specific preferences and taste for everything – even on eyelash extensions. I know that you’d always wear that specific style over and over than the rest, admit it! 

But if you’re still new with lash extensions and don’t have any idea which style or design will suit you, don’t worry. I got you. Today I will share with you five major lash extension styles. This topic will help you understand the different styles and decide the best option that suits best for your eyes.

5 Different Eyelash Extension Styles

Note: the styles are in no particular order.

1# Doll Eye

This is one of the most favorite styles by most women (mine too). The doll lash extensions are best for women who have broad set or downturned eyes. This style uses either volume or hybrid lashes. Also, the middle has longer lashes rather on the corners. Because of that placement, it will make your eyes look bigger. 

2# Cat Eye

Does that mean my eyes would look like that of a cat? I think so too.

Cat lashes are highly in demand right now. Most models you’d see in magazines and on runways have this style. This style is ideal if you have round and close-set eyes. 

The cat-eye style works best with classic lashes. The longer lash follicles are placed outside the corners giving you an exotic cat-like look. Duly note that this style isn’t recommended to those who have wide-set eyes, but it does help lift downward turned eyes. 

3# Staggered

If you’re having trouble between doll and cat-eye, the staggered is somewhat the combination of the two. This style is a combination of short and long lashes throughout. You would find that no area will have the longest lashes. 

The staggered style is best if you already have a lot of natural lashes and want to have a full appearance on your eyes. 

Remember this. A staggered lash extension doesn’t work well with classic or hybrid lashes. 

4# Natural 

If you want to have eye-catching lashes yet, you want them to look as normal as possible. Then the natural style is the one you need. This style is great. It isn’t thick like hybrid and volume lashes.

The natural lash extension also helps you maintain the natural lash pattern you have. Also, you’d notice that most of the extended lashes are found in the middle. If you’re looking for a natural look, this style hits the spot perfectly.

5# Colored

Maybe you’re not into shapes, and you’re more into color. Then colored lash extensions are the perfect option for you! 

You can have all those styles above with colors. It helps bring a new mix to your look. Whether you want subtle or bold colors, they’re all available. Just look for manufacturers or brands that have it. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you learn the five lash extension style look for the best eyelash extension in the market today! Let everyone notice how ravishing you can be by simply choosing the right lash extension for the party. For more topics like this one, stay tuned to our blog series, ladies!