Do's and Don'ts For Healthier and Beautiful Lashes (Part 1)

Everything we need to achieve here in life requires ample effort and patience; the same goes for lashes and eyebrows. Practicing proper care, using the right products, and consistency is a must when you want to have healthier lashes. 


It is also essential that you have already understood its growth cycle. Knowing this kind of information will help you take care of them. 


However, we do have our bad habits and improper way of taking care of our lashes. Do be careful; it could damage and encourage breakage.

Today, I will share some common do's and don't when applying lash serums. I know there are many do's and don't, but I will only cover the most common.


Do Not Use Any Waterproof Eye Makeup


If you are using makeup on a daily basis, try avoiding waterproof makeup. This type of makeup is suited for weddings, vacations, going to the beach, and several others. The problem here is that it's hard to remove. 


Removing them would require you to tug, pull, and rub your face and eyes, which you're putting your lashes and eyebrows in danger. That process of removing the makeup could damage them temporarily, or worst-case scenario you’ll damage them permanently.


So if you are using makeup daily, I highly recommend using water-resistant makeup. They easily washed off with moisture, and you can easily wipe them off when needed.


Curl Eyelashes after Makeup is Applied


Eyelash curler is an amazing tool. It helps give your lashes a sexy curl on them. Such an amazing tool requires proper usage. 


I've seen several women curl their lashes after they've applied mascara. That's completely wrong. What happens is that it will cause your lashes or fake lashes to stick or tear off right before they're ready to fall off. 


Make sure when you curl your lashes, try not to close to the lash line and do it before applying any mascara. This will help you prevent any damages on both of your natural and lash extensions.


Avoid Going to Bed Without Removing Your Makeup


You've always heard about this from our mothers or someone else, and yeah, it's true. Sleeping with makeup isn't just bad for your health and the health of your lashes, but it could also cause inflammation, irritations, and the worst is infection. 


Even if you have a skincare routine, you should always take time to wipe off your makeup before hitting your head on your pillow. 


I highly suggest you should wash your face when removing your makeup. Wiping them off with wipes doesn't cut it. A gentle wash would be fine. 


Brush Your Eyebrows with a Mascara Spoolie


The hair on your lashes is almost the same with the hair on your head. They use the same building blocks to grow. So if they're the same, you should start treating your lashes like your head's hair. 


Try brushing them with a blank mascara spoolie. Brushing them for about 20 seconds will help them grow longer. Also, it avoids the lashes from crisscrossing. When brushing your lash extensions, only use gentle strokes just enough; you don't want to tug them and look a bit overlapped. 


Use Eyelash Growth Serum


Even if you already have beautiful lashes, why not achieve the best shape using lash serum? Using LashRay Eyelash Growth Serum on your daily skincare routine will surprise with its results. 


It doesn't take much longer, and you'll have fabulous lashes in just a couple of weeks of using it. The serum will make your lashes much stronger, healthier, and beautiful-looking, ready for your next girl's night out! 


Last Words


I know there are still a lot of do's and don'ts to have beautiful and healthier lashes. Don't worry. We will cover the rest of our next series. So stay tuned and updated with our blog series. Keep safe and stay at home. Until next time, ladies!