Dos and Don'ts For Healthier and Beautiful Lashes (Part 2)

Beautiful lashes are one of the reasons why people would break their necks just to look at someone. That's why people are doing what they can to have gorgeous and lengthy eyelashes. However, in the process, they forgot several of the basics, which is essential for keeping their lashes strong and healthy. 

We've already talked about several dos and don'ts in our previous blog. If you haven't read about it yet, you can read it here

Today I'll continue discussing the second part of the dos and don'ts for healthier and beautiful lashes.

Avoid Tinting Your Lashes 

The FDA already told the public of the "potential" harm tinting could do to the lashes and eyes. The FDA is against this because of the chemicals or "dye" applied near to the eye. Using the dye in close proximity to the eye raises several problems, just by spilling some of the dye to the eyeball, infections, allergic reactions, and more. 

Because of that, the FDA hasn't approved any products that relate to lash tinting. In my opinion, I'd rather follow what the FDA says. Lash tinting hasn't been proven safe. It would be best not to try it. As the saying goes; It's better to be safe than sorry. 

Don't Rip Off Your Lash Extensions

I've seen some women ripping off their lash extensions right off their eyelids. It's bad, you know. Well, you see, lash extensions are placed on your lash line with an adhesive. Ripping them off could also damage your natural lashes in the process.

You might even notice that you plucked several lashes with your lash extensions. You may not feel the pain, but you're actually slowly damaging your lashes. Worst case scenario, you could permanently damage your lashes if you continue doing it. So please, don't.

Massage Your Eyelids

This ain't much, but it does help your natural lashes. Gently massaging your eyelids for about 5-10 minutes helps promote lash growth. But how? Well, you see, massaging your eyelids helps a good circulation of blood in that area. Having good blood circulation will sustain your lashes with the necessary nutrients for them to grow. 

Start massaging them once a day. It doesn't take that much, but it really does help.

Use Mascara Primer

If you're so obsessed with using mascara, then try using a primer. A mascara primer protects your natural lashes from the chemicals that are found in mascara, especially if you tend to forget to remove them. 

Applying mascara to your lashes does make them look beautiful, long, and lovely. But, failure to remove your mascara could cause damage to your natural lashes. It could make it weak, brittle, and dry. 

If you really want to apply mascara all the time, try using this product. It will serve as a safety net whenever you forget to remove or take you a long time to remove them.

Avoid Roughly Rubbing Your Eye

This is pretty much, very basic. Roughly rubbing the eyes could damage your lashes. You might have even noticed a couple of lash follicles fell off after rubbing your eye. I know it feels good to rub an itch, but it is a different scenario when it comes to your eye. 

Don't rub your eye, especially if you're wearing lash extensions. If possible, try scratching your eyelids with your pinky finger, gently. And if there's some dust or hair, get stuck on your eye. Call for some to have it removed, don't rub it off with your finger. 

Final Thoughts

If you really care for your eyelashes, follow these simple do's and don'ts to keep them strong and healthy. For more eyelash trends, tips, and tricks, stay tuned to our blog series. Until next time, ladies!