Eye Shapes: Which One Do You Have?

Identifying the shape of your eyes is as important as finding the perfect lash extension. Knowing your eyes' shape makes it easier for you to choose which makeup and lash extension to wear. 

Whether you're a makeup artist or not, knowing the basics would really make a difference. So, are you ready to know what eye shape you have? Continue reading below. Today, I'll share with you the most common eye shapes out there. 

Common Eye Shapes

Check out the list below, and see which shape your eyes have:

Almond Eyes 

This shape is pretty distinct. Professional makeup artists describe it as large and bright. To them, it is the ideal eye shape any woman can have. 

As its name says, the eye looks similar to an almond nut laid on its side. The outer part is much larger and rounder, and it's inner parts are much smaller or narrower. 

As I said, this is the most desired eye shape of all. Well, for a good reason, of course. Most make styles worked well with it, making it versatile if you say. 

However, there's a minor issue with almond eyes. When you start to have wrinkles at the corner of your eyes, you will look sleepy all time. 

Round Eyes

Round eyes are described as round in the middle. Well, they're not actually round. The inner and outer corners are narrowed. 

This shape is associated with youth because most children tend to have round eyes up until they're fully grown. Call yourself lucky if you have this. You'd probably still look younger despite your age. 

Aside from its youthful attributes, these eyes can help you look awake and alert too. Despite all that, it can easily give away your age whenever they start to sag or have puffiness underneath them. If that happens, your eyes will look tired until they're gone. 

Monolid Eyes

Here's another distinct eye shape. You'd commonly find this shape on most Asian women. This shape happens to have a crease situated in the eye socket, and the brow bone is lifted. 

As a result, it creates a visible eyelid where you can put some eyeliner and eyeshadow. Monolid eyes are the only eye shape with almost no visible eyelid. 

To make up for this, some makeup artists use eyelid tape to make the natural lid much bigger. 

Protruding Eyes

Naturally, our eyes are set into the eye socket, which makes them look deep. However, it's different in protruding eyes. Instead, this eye shape projects the eyelids outward, making your eyes look bulgy. 

Also, they appear to look larger and rounder. Because of that, some people mistook it for round eyes. 

They're unique and make you look trustworthy and open. However, one common problem with protruding eyes is puffiness, which makes them look even bulkier. 

Upturned Eyes

Upturned almost have the shape with almond eyes. The only difference is that the outer corner of upturned eyes is lifted than the inner corner. They tend to have narrower edges too.

This shape is quite attractive and is perfect for eye makeup. 

Identifying whether you have upturned eyes or not is easy. Just take a photo of your face, then draw a horizontal line along with your pupil. If the outer corner is much higher than the inner, then you have upturned eyes.