How to Grow Your Lashes During This Lockdown

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of us were forced to stay at home. It’s a way to prevent the spread of the virus. Since we are restricted from going outside (especially if it’s not necessary), a lot of us are trying to do things inside our home. 

We all want to have thick and fuller lashes. You may deny it, but I know deep inside there’s a desire. Using fake lashes and makeup (mascara) is a bit expensive sometimes. Luckily, there are less expensive yet effective ways to help grow your lashes.

Here are simple things that you should use at home to help you grow your lashes.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is widely popular here in the beauty industry. Its wonderful effects from treating sunburns to preventing premature greying of hair, it’s no wonder why people are using it on their skincare regime.

It’s also known to promote hair growth. That’s why most beauty experts recommend using it once or twice a day. It can help you grow your lashes much fuller and longer without putting much effort. 

Mix a few drops of castor oil with virgin coconut oil, then gently apply the mixture to your lashes using a cotton bud. Do this before going to bed, and make sure to wash it off in the morning. 

Lash Growth Serum

If castor oil isn’t giving you any results, then how about trying lash serum. It’s a revolutionary beauty product that promotes lash growth. Lash serums contain hair growth-promoting ingredients (like vitamin E, biotin, proteins, etc.), which your lashes need. 

Other brands may seem costly, but LashRay Lash Growth Serum offers the same results at a lower cost. It already received hundreds of positive reviews from women who are enjoying the great results it has to offer. 

Here’s one of the users has to say about “Used less than a week, and my eyelashes are already becoming thicker and longer. Red circle on the third pic is newly grown eyelash! Fast working! I only used this once a day, and it works really well.

Coconut Oil

Here’s another popular ingredient that everyone knows, coconut oil. It’s a natural ingredient that helps fight dryness of the lashes. It’s also safe when applied (especially on the eye area) and doesn’t leave any sort of discomfort.

It’s moisturizing properties help trap the protein within your lashes, and it also prevents weaker follicles from falling off prematurely. 

Use an old mascara spoolie and dip it on coconut oil, then gently apply it on your lashes once a day. Expect to see some results after a couple of weeks. 

Massage Your Eyelids

Did you know that massaging can help promote lash growth? A simple massage helps promote blood circulation in the area. This is great since blood will carry all the nutrients to the lashes for it to grow longer. 

You can do this in your spare time. Also, you can use an eye cream of your choice while massaging your eyelids.

Last Thoughts

Stay at home during this coronavirus pandemic. Always keep yourself healthy and pretty at home. For more tips like this, follow our blog series.