Reasons Why Your Lashes are Falling Out

Whether you believe it or not, our eyelashes are incredibly sensitive and fall off if damaged or mishandled. Even the simple rubbing of the eye when it becomes itchy could damage them and eventually fall off. 

But if they do continuously fall off, there's a reason behind this. It could be some bad beauty habits, product issues, or medical causes. 

Today we will uncover some of the reasons why your lashes are falling off. So continue reading below and check if these reasons would relate to you. 

Bad Beauty Habits

One of the main reasons why lashes would fall off is because of our flawed beauty routines. We may not be aware of these, but these habits greatly affect our lashes badly. Here are some examples of bad beauty habits.

Unremoved Mascaras

I think almost all women love to wear mascaras. It's one of the things that gives our eyes a head-turner factor. However, to use this beauty product, you should also commit to the proper way of using it. 

Leaving the mascara on your eyelashes for too long could damage them. The chemicals that stiffen your eyelashes every time you use mascara will make your lashes brittle if it's not removed.

If you do care for your lashes, don't be a lazy bum. Take time to remove your mascara along with the other makeup you used.

Waterproof Eye Makeup

Waterproof makeups are great. They are pretty impressive on several occasions. However, using them daily is quite problematic. Why?

Well, I'm pretty sure you are having a hard time removing them at night (if you are). This kind of makeup doesn't easily wash off with water. So when it's time to remove your eye makeup, it will be problematic. 

Rubbing your eyes to remove the makeup too hard could cause your eyelash to fall off. To avoid this from happening, don't use waterproof makeup every day. If you can't help using it, try using a makeup remover for your eye makeup.

Medical Issues

Perhaps it's not about your beauty habits that cause eyelash to fall out, maybe it's something else – like your health. Several conditions contribute to lashes fallouts. Here are some examples;


This is an auto-immune disease where our immune system is attacking our cells. In this case are the hair follicles. This condition could cause partial or full hair loss on our body (our lashes and brows are not exempted). 

Thyroid problem 

There are two ways if you have this problem; it's either overactive or underactive thyroid gland. Either of these problems impacts hair growth because of the abnormalities of the hormones released by this gland. Other symptoms are drastic changes in weight and heart rate.

Product Issues

Maybe it's not about your health or your beauty habits, then perhaps it's about the beauty product. Maybe you are allergic to a certain product you use, or you are overusing it.

Eye Curlers

This tool is actually great. It gives your lashes a sexy curl on them. However, curling them for too long with a curler can break them, which is why it is advisable to use the curler for about 10 - 20 seconds only. 

If you want to make them curl long enough, here's a pro tip; heat the curler with a blow dryer then let it cool down a little before using to give a lasting and natural curl on your lashes. 

Last Words

Eyelashes aren't just a beauty fringe. They play a crucial role in your eyes, protecting it from dust and debris. That is why you should nourish and take care of them always.