5 Ingredients that can calm your stress skin

Due to some factors around us like pollution, harmful UV rays, and dirt it causes our skin to be stressed. Also, some causes that can cause stress in our skin are the lifestyle that we have– not having enough sleep, drinking too much alcohol, smoking, and eating unhealthy foods.
Luckily, there are ingredients that are out in the market today and easy to find that can help our stressed skin to calm down.
Aloe Vera
The most common ingredient that can be found easily is of course aloe vera, which contains high levels of vitamins, sugars, and minerals that provide skin with hydration and calm irritated skin. It also feels cool to the skin that can relieve stinging skin instantly.
The easiest way to keep skin calm is to keep your skin hydrated. So look for moisturizers that can retain moisture on your skin and that also hydrate your skin. Hydrating ingredients are known as follows hyaluronic acid, betaine, and glycerin.
This peptide is a large chain of amino acids that binds to specific receptors in the skin’s barrier and functions as stop-gates to the cascade of signals that induce stress. The consistent use of products with this ingredient can make your skin resilient to stress.
According to research, the topical application of lavender oil can reduce oxidative stress in your skin. Lavender is also rich in anti-bacterial properties and has a calming scent that’s why it's a good ingredient in calming your stressed skin.
Also known as Centella Asiatica which contains active ingredients called terpenoids. It can also speed up skin cell production and collagen synthesis.
So once you buy your skincare products make sure to check the ingredients if it contains one of these to help you calm your stressed skin. You may find it in your moisturizer, serum, facial sheet mask, and other skincare products.
Aside from the ingredients we mentioned, do you still know other ingredients that can calm your stressed skin?