7 Dangerous Trends

Seven things you may be doing that are causing skin damage

Skincare trends come and go all the time, but there are some that have been ingrained in our culture and society, and we sometimes forget whether they are right or incorrect. The majority of the time, we continue to execute detrimental skincare activities on our skin without even realizing it.

Here are the seven harmful skincare steps you should avoid!

Using a Physical Exfoliator (sometimes referred to as a Physical Scrub) 

There are several physical exfoliators on the market that you should avoid using.

Is it true that exfoliating is bad for the skin?

Yes, but just use it to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. The disadvantage of using a physical exfoliator is that it causes micro-tears on the skin. The primary role of the epidermis layer is to act as a waterproof barrier, preventing viruses, germs, and even irritants from entering your skin.

When you have micro-tears on your skin, all of these dangerous substances may easily enter your skin, causing it to become exceedingly itchy or infected. Another disadvantage of physical exfoliators is that you may apply too little pressure to one section of your skin and too much pressure to the other, resulting in uneven skin exfoliation. Use a chemical exfoliant instead.

Chemical exfoliant skincare often contains acid, such as glycolic acid or lactic acid, which aids in the removal of dead skin cells.

  1. Much more safely
  2. Does not result in microtears
  3. Perform an even exfoliation procedure for you

So ditch the physical scrapes in favor of a chemical exfoliant.

Ultrasonic Face Brush

Cleansers should only be used for 30 seconds to a minute, but when using one of these brushes, they recommend that you use it for 5-10 minutes. They say that you will enter deep pores and that the ultrasonic will clear those pores for you. When you excessively exfoliate with these ultrasonic face brushes, you run the danger of damaging your skin. The top layer of the epidermis is known as the stratum lucidum, and by utilizing an ultrasonic face brush, you may remove it.

You might be exfoliating too much. Your stratum lucidum layer, via which you remove your skin's barrier. These can cause extreme skin irritation, as well as redness and blotchiness, especially if you use a slightly stronger acid or a retinol product during your skincare regimen.

Alternatives to Ultrasonic Face Brushes Simply use your normal cleanser. If you truly want to fully cleanse your skin, you should switch to a stronger cleanser that contains glycolic acid, lactic acid, or salicylic acid on a regular basis or even use an exfoliating toner.

Micellar Face Wipe

We are all aware that micellar water is used to remove debris and even make-up from your skin. Nevertheless, one of the disadvantages of micellar face wipes is that they provide a false sense of security. It indicates you believe you have removed all of the make-up and grime from your skin. One disadvantage of Micellar face wipes is that they are not as effective as cleansers. Eventually, the oil will accumulate and the make-up will be removed unevenly. This might result in skin discomfort or infection. It also contains a lot of alcohol, which might be unpleasant for certain people's skin.

There are alternatives to these. Just don't use the face wipes; instead, have a little bottle of cleanser on hand.

Pore Strips

It can remove excess oil or blackheads from your pores, but it also has the ability to shred a layer of skin. Yes, that's correct! It also tucks your skin excessively and removes the skin that is important for protection. They are actually not good for you because they will return after 5-7 days of applying pore strips.

Alternatives include applying retinol to the affected regions on a regular basis. Because retinol aids in the reduction of sebum production, Also, at least once a week, apply a salicylic acid exfoliator and a salicylic toner. These are kinder to your skin and will benefit you in the long term.

Charcoal Peel off Mask

It's simply a large pore strip for your entire face. It does aid in the removal of clogged pores, but it is extremely harsh on the skin. It is also unpleasant to remove, and anything that makes people uncomfortable is bad.

Alternative Return to using a chemical exfoliator or toner once or twice a week. Use of vitamin A and retinol on a regular basis.

Galvanic Face Massager

You'll see this on most social media, and it claims to aid in contouring your face and giving you a smaller face. Essentially, this does not work, and some may argue that it is unsuitable. A facelift requires surgical intervention. Your face sags as you age. Not just because of skin difficulties, but also because fat does not move no matter how often you use a galvanic face massager. There is a non-surgical facelift

Exfoliating Gloves

Using gloves on a regular basis, such as once a week or once a month, is acceptable. However, because gloves are rough and gritty, overusing them or using too much force can generate the same microtears over your body's skin, which can lead to infection from bacteria, fungus, or skin damage. Exfoliating gloves designed for exfoliating your skin should be avoided.

Salicylic acid cream or lactic acid body lotion are two alternatives. They provide a safer, gentler, and more uniform exfoliation.