A Guide on How to Read Skincare Ingredients

You should always read the list of ingredients to a skincare product that you were buying. Not because it is a trendy product in the market means it is suitable for you too, remember we all have different skin types and you might have an allergy to one of its ingredients.
Some of us tend to pay less attention to what’s inside our skincare products and that’s a big NO-NO! You must be cautious about what you put on your skin because it might cause unwanted skin problems if you neglect it— which you never want to happen.
Now, let me give you a guide on how to read the ingredients in a skincare product that you’re eyeing to buy.
Read the Ingredients Name

Check for ingredients that don’t go well with your skin type or you have an allergy. 

Most of the time, the name of the ingredients listed are complicated to understand or read, why is that? Its because they are following the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients System— according to them, ingredients must be named using their scientific names and for plants in Latin.

Sometimes, they placed the English name of the ingredient in parenthesis for you to decipher it much easier.

Ingredients are listed from Highest to Lowest Concentration

This is how it should be listed and not the other way around. Always remember the Rule of 5 which means the first 5 ingredients listed have higher concentration which you will enjoy a lot of benefits from it.

After the listed 5 ingredients, those that are in the medium and bottom means they have a lesser concentration like 1% or less.

Note: If you see there is “other ingredients” written, it means they are considered as Trade Secrets and don’t need to be revealed.

Look for the Open Jar Symbol

Look for 6M, 12M, 24M, and so on. The M in it means months, and this information represents the months on how long the product is good once it has been opened. Use this as a guide to know if you need to replace your product.

Look for the Active Ingredients Percentage

If there is an active ingredient included, the concentration percentage of those ingredients should be revealed. Too much of the required percentage is not good for your skin and the lesser of the percentage required means it is not effective.

Make sure there is a bunny label

Once you see this, it means that it is cruelty-free which is much gentler on your skin that is an excellent choice for people who have chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

Note: If you like plant-based skincare products, look for the word ‘ Vegan’ on the container or in the box. Make sure you don’t buy products with Parabens because it is not safe for your skin.


Now, before buying skincare products make sure that you can check all of this information. Also, do not buy any products that don’t reveal their ingredients, consider it as a red flag because consumers must know what’s in the product that they will buy.

Again, do not compromise the health of your skin just because of new product trends. Make sure to always check the ingredients for the benefit of your skin.