Beauty Tips from Head to Toe

What’s your daily routine in taking good care of your body? Is it from head to toe?

Well, most of us were more focused on our face and not paying much attention to the rest of our body. We have to take good care of our whole being and that means from HEAD TO TOE.


Have a Good Hair day!

1.Wash it!

-Of course, you have to wash your hair to get rid of dirt, oil, and sweat. Use your favorite shampoo and conditioner for it to be soft, shiny, and smooth.

2.Brush, Brush, Brush

-There’s a proper way of brushing your hair. Do not start brushing from root to tips as it may cause hair damage. Start first at the bottom to de-tangle your hair, do not brush it aggressively. Brush it with care, small strokes to untangle it. Once you are done then you can now do it from root to tips.


-Your hair might be needing treatments about its volume, maybe it is too dry, or your hair might be damaged because of hair colors. Find a product that will help you with your concern about your hair and make sure that it is not harmful to you.


Pretty, Pretty Face

1.Cleanse it

- It is very important to wash your face twice a day to remove oil and dirt. Be sure to use the right facial wash or soap depending on the type of skin that you have. After, use your toner because washing your face is not enough to get rid of dirt.


- Serums are the best! Because it can penetrate deep down your skin and it is easily absorbed by our skin.

3.Apply Dark spot corrector

- If you have an unwanted dark spot that you want to get rid of, applying a dark spot corrector is a MUST!


- You must do this to prevent future breakouts! We don’t want any acne on our faces as it may cause dark spots that we don’t want.


-This is very important! Because it protects your skin from harmful UV rays which is not good for our skin.


Fairer skin


- Take a shower every day! This is to avoid the unwanted smell and of course to get rid of sweat and dirt. Use your favorite body wash or soap with the ingredients that your skin needs.


- You can do these 2 to 3 times a week. Your skin needs this to remove dead skin cells. It can help to prevent bacteria, sweat, and dirt from getting stuck in your skin.

3.Remove Body Hair

- I don’t recommend shaving since it may give you rough skin after. Use wax or hair cream removal for this. You can do this once a month or depends on how quick your hair grows back. Why do this? Because removing body hair helps to get rid of body odor due to the accumulation of odor-causing microorganisms in hair.


- Do not forget to moisturize your skin. Apply your favorite lotion or body cream. You can also use hand cream for your hands it keeps them silky and soft and your hands definitely deserve to be pampered.

There you have it! Beauty tips that will definitely make you pampered from head to toe. Easy, right? Oh! and don’t forget to apply a beautiful color of Nail Polish on your fingernails and toenails.