Beginners Preparation before Waxing

There are people who want to try waxing however afraid of the pain they may feel. Waxing is much more effective if you want to remove your unwanted body hair up to its roots, it may take longer for the hair to grow back than shaving.

First, what is waxing?

Waxing removes the hair from follicles and also removes the top layer of dry, dead skin cells, making the skin more smooth.

So, here are some tips on how you should prepare if it is your first time doing waxing especially if you will do it at home.

Find the right waxing product for you

If you’re a first-time waxer, you may want to use wax strips as it is easy to use and apply. It does not involve dripping and burning. It can be used in any part of your body and the strips have the right amount of wax and can also be cut in sizes that you need it.

Prepare your skin

Make sure to exfoliate your skin 2 days or a day before you wax to help loosen existing ingrown hairs and improve your waxing results. You can exfoliate a mild scrub, brush, mitt, or loofah to remove dead skin cells that surround the hair follicle.

And, on the day of waxing make sure to cleanse your skin using a mild soap to remove germs, oil, dirt, sweat, makeup, and any other unwanted residue that may cause skin infection because waxing will open up your pores.

Hair Length should be Right

The hair should not be too long and not too short as waxing will not be effective. If the hair is too short the wax struggles to get a good hold on the hair and when it is too long it can take a couple of attempts to remove them. 

The hair needs to be ⅛ inches long for proper waxing and the best time to wax is after 3 to 4 weeks after your last wax to allow hair to grow in proper length.

Read Instructions Provided

Every waxing kit comes with an instruction that is written in the box. Make sure to properly follow the steps to avoid mistakes and irritation.

Be Extra Careful on Sensitive Areas

If you’re trying to wax sensitive areas such as the bikini area, make sure that the product that you were using is suitable for bikini areas because some may irritate your sensitive area’s skin and may cause problems for you.

Remove Wax Residue

Make sure to remove the leftover wax that is stuck on your skin, usually, a wax kit that can be bought comes with wipes but if not you can use jojoba oil.

Don’t forget the Aftercare

Make sure after you wax, wear cotton fabric clothes so that you won’t irritate your skin. You should exfoliate 3x a week to avoid ingrown hairs and make sure to keep your skin dry and clean for 24 hours.

Now, don’t be afraid to try waxing, it is painful but worth the pain. And also, as an additional tip, you may take ibuprofen 30 minutes before waxing to lessen the pain that you will feel.