Debunking Hair Removal Myths

Are you familiar with these myths that your mother told you when you were younger? There are many opinions when it comes to removing your body hair that's why myths existed.

Now, let's take a look at these popular myths and the truth behind them.

MYTH #1: Removing your body hair makes it thicker, coarse, & darker
This is not true! Whether you shave it or wax it, it doesn't make your hair thicker, coarser, and darker when it grows back. The reason why people thought of this is that an untouched hair feels soft and lies flat while when it grows back it has a sharp, blunt edge that stands up.

MYTH #2: Body hair causes body odor
Not true at all! As long as you are being hygienic you will not smell. Some people don't remove their body hair but still smells good. Some people say that removing body hair means being hygienic, but it is not true at all.

MYTH #3: Laser hair removal is permanent
False! Although it is really effective you need to attend sessions to decrease hair growth. You may experience some regrowth that's why you need maintenance treatments.

MYTH #4: You should not shave above your knees
One of the oldest myths that probably our moms know. It is said that when you shave above your knees and shave your thighs, hairy things will happen. Don't worry because this is not true.

MYTH #5: Beard will grow if you shave your facial hair
False! Hair will definitely not grow to an area it hasn't grow before. Hair growth on your face is caused by hormones so don't worry shaving doesn't magically produce new hair follicles.

MYTH #6: If you have thicker hair, leave the depilatory cream longer than usual
This is not true. You should follow the instructions given when you use a depilatory cream because exposure to a chemical may cause skin irritation.

MYTH #7: Removing body hair at an early age means lesser hair in the future
It is not proven that it may cause lesser hair on your body if you start young in removing your body hair but waxing can lead to the slower growth of hair.

So, go now and get rid of those unwanted hairs on your body but make sure to choose the right hair removal product that suits you best.