Do You Overwash Your Face?

Most of us wash our hands 2-3 times a day or more if needed and moisturize them after to make sure that they will stay smooth and soft. But can we also wash our face more than the usual idea which is twice a day?

Washing our face is one of the ways to keep our skin healthy and clean but there are some questions that a lot of us were still asking. There are parts of the face that get oily during the day that makes us want to wash our face as soon as possible or whenever there's a chance.

Experts say that the magic number is 2. We should wash our face in the morning to get rid of the bacteria and oil that accumulated in our face while we're asleep and at night to get rid of the dirt, oils, bacteria, and makeup residue that's on our face for the whole day.

How would you know if you're over washing?

If you have a tight and dry feeling then it means that you have overwashed your face. You may also see a skin sensitivity with redness and dry patches on your skin.

Since all of us have different skin types, let me give you some guidance on how often should you wash your face.

For Dry & Sensitive Skin- Once a day at night
For Oily & Combination- Twice a day. Morning and Evening

If you wear make-up a lot, make sure to wash your face twice a day every morning and evening. Now, if you work out and perspired a lot then you have to wash your face as often as needed, like 3 times on that day.

Always use the right facial wash for your skin type and if you somehow for any circumstances forgot or didn't get a chance to wash your face in the morning, make sure to always wash it at night.