Does Blotting Paper Work?

Having oily skin can really be annoying especially when you’re outside hanging out with friends, while at work, having a date, or attending an important occasion. Of course, no one wants to have a shining face while taking pictures and talking to someone else.
You cannot wash your face all the time especially when you’re outside then reapply your make-up every now and then just to get rid of the excess oil.
So, fortunately, there is this thing we call a Blotting Paper
What’s a Blotting Paper?
It is a highly absorbent paper that helps to absorb oil from the skin. It absorbs the sebum produced on your face. Wicking away sweat, grime, and oil when applied to the surface of your skin.
Is it effective to use?
Yes, it is! Our skin may get greasier as we near the end of the day. You may feel that during a certain time of the day, your skin gets a lot oilier than usual.
Does it cause any harm to my skin?
Yes, it may. Using it too much can cause harm to your skin as it may also strip the necessary oil that your skin needs. What I suggest is that you use it just to remove the unnecessary shine on your face. Do not use it too often within the day, if your face doesn’t feel that oily then no need to use it. Using it too many times in a day can cause the rest of the dirt, grime, makeup, and the excess oil it didn't absorb back down into your pores which can cause acne, breakout, and blackheads.

How to use Blotting Paper?

  1. Pull a sheet from the pack
  2. Press it firmly but gently against the shiny areas of your face
  3. Leave the blotting paper against your skin for a few seconds while the sheet absorbs the oil
  4. Use a new sheet on other areas of your face if necessary


Remember, it’s okay to use blotting paper as a temporary way to remove excess oil on your face as long as you understand that you don’t have to strip all the oils from your face because it will cause skin irritation that is not really good for your skin. Blotting papers are not a permanent solution for your oily skin, if you’re struggling with oily skin develop a skincare routine that is good for those who have oily skin.