Foods to Avoid for a Healthier Skin

Recently we talked about the foods that you should eat for a healthier skin, now let’s talk about the foods and drinks that you should try to avoid or consume moderately (If you can) .

Curious about what’s on the list? Here they are!

- I know what you’re thinking. Most of us love coffee! Well, it does not necessarily mean that you should stop drinking it. Too much caffeine is bad for our skin so make sure to lessen the intake of caffeine. Caffeine can cause dehydration or dry on our skin so make sure to drink water after you drink coffee to keep your skin from drying out!

- These include milk, butter, cheese, chocolates. Sad isn’t it? It is said that dairy products will increase the oil production that may cause clogged pores however they are still making some research if dairy products are indeed one of the causes of acne on our skin. So, for now, control your intake of this food and drinks.

- As much as you love to eat a doughnut and drink with soda your skin does not. Sugar glycated collagen. It is said that it can cause wrinkles. Not just doughnuts but also those high-glycemic foods and drinks with a crazy amount of added sugar

- Well, it can cause skin dryness. It can suck out the moisture on your skin. Make sure to drink moderately.

- Includes Bologna sandwiches, chips, salami, hotdogs, cold cuts that can cause water retention, swelling, and puffiness. If you do eat them make sure to drink extra water.

What’s on the list are very hard to avoid right? It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stop eating them. Just lessen the intake and make sure to drink lots of water every day. Make sure you are fully committed too with your skincare routine.