Got Magnetic Lashes and Eyeliner Questions? Here are your Top 10 Answers!

By now, you might already have heard about magnetic lashes and eyeliners. With so many influencers and makeup gurus talking about these, you’ve probably gotten curious enough to read this article. Don’t worry! Here we answer your top 10 questions. Buckle up and carry on!



Are magnetic lashes safe to use? Will the magnets damage my real lashes?


First and foremost, magnetic lashes are safe. When applied properly, these do not cause damage to your natural lashes. Magnetic lashes should attach on your lids and not your lashes unlike how extensions do which ultimately irritate your lash line.


Will the magnets cause any adverse reaction on my eyes?


To ensure user safety, magnetic lashes go through a series of tests before the are sold to the public. These tests include hypoallergenic tests and skin reaction tests to prevent any adverse reaction to eyes. Also, magnetic lashes use tiny magnets that won’t pose risks to the eyes--and that’s proven by science.


Is it easy to use?


Thes lashes are designed to require the least amount of effort and knowledge when applying. Even beginners will feel like a pro in using these lashes! Trust us. Applying lashes using the traditional glue method are way more difficult to do. Some reviews and demos will show you how easy it is to apply these trendy lashes on the eyes. This is why many makeup beginners prefer magnetic lashes these days!

Can I use this even with sensitive skin and allergies towards glue?


From the word itself, magnetic eyeliners don’t utilize glue in its application. It’s free from any harsh chemicals that are commonly used on glues and other kinds of adhesives. Don’t worry! They’re safe even on sensitive skin.




A person who developed allergic reactions toward lash glue


 Does it pair well with contact lenses?

If you used to worry about using lash glue while wearing contact lenses, then say goodbye to these fears as magnetic lashes are super friendly to the eyes. With the absence of glue, users won’t experience irritation that usually happens when glue particles come into contact with lenses. However, just make sure that you still observe proper contact lens hygiene and safety precautions.

Should I wear mascara with magnetic eyelashes?

It’s always up to you on whether you want to increase lash volume by topping it off with mascara, or just go with old plain jane by leaving the lashes as they are on your eyes. Just remember that it may affect the longevity of your lashes in terms of usage. If you wish to have more variation when it comes to the appearance of your lashes, there are always more designs you can choose from for your magnetic lashes.

Is this different from lashes that have top and bottom parts?

No, they’re a different kind of magnetic lashes. This type requires a top and bottom layer that have magnets that attach to one another. On the other hand, our magnetic lashes are a better version since it only requires a magnetic eyeliner to latch on the lids. It helps prevent adding damage to your natural lashes.




Is it okay to use these with glue?

We wouldn’t want to damage our magnetic lashes, right? Glue may ultimately damage the magnets used to get them attached on your eyes so you may not want to use them with glue. Don’t worry! The magnets used in these lashes are strong enough to withstand winds of up to 75mph. These are also waterproof so you can ditch the glue!

Is it cruelty-free?

Absolutely yes! These magnetic lashes are 100% cruelty-free. They are made from premium synthetic silk and not from mink or animal fur. These are perfect for vegans and for those who support anti-animal cruelty movements. 

Can I use this even if I have a medical condition that causes hair loss?

No doubt about it! Magnetic eyelashes stick to the eyelids and not to the lash line so it does not negatively affect the holding power of your hair.

These are just the most frequently asked questions people have about magnetic lashes. If you want to know more about these products, there’s a lot of information available in this site! Just don’t forget these things:


  • Always wash your hands before touching your eyelids.
  • Use makeup remover to gently remove magnetic lashes from your eyes and the eyeliner as well.
  • Always clean your magnetic lashes after every use.
  • Don’t share magnetic lashes with other people.
  • Keep your lashes in a cool and dry place away from children’s reach.
  • If your eyes become irritated, stop using the lashes.
  • Avoid using these lashes if you have an ongoing eye infection.
  • If you’re having an MRI, check with your doctor about whether it’s safe to wear your eyelashes that day.