Hair Removal Products

So, what are your best options when it comes to hair removal products? Especially when you want to do it on your own. Some might say they shave however it does not remove the hair from its roots causing it to grow faster! That’s why we listed here some hair removal products that will make it easier for you to remove unwanted hairs on your body.


A lot of us would say, THIS ONE HURTS! Well, I agree, at first yes, but eventually, you will get used to it. You can buy wax strips and waxing kits which will not cost you a lot.

Waxing can leave your skin smooth and even. It definitely lasts longer than shaving.  On top of that, your hair becomes finer, softer, and lighter. Make sure to exfoliate your skin before waxing for better results.

Best for: Small areas such as the upper lips, eyebrows, and bikini area.


Hair Removal Creams

If you are afraid of waxing, then this option would be the best for you! Hair removal creams or also known as depilatories are considered as one of the top products for hair removal. Well, it's as easy as applying lotion on your skin and most importantly-NOT PAINFUL. This type of creams will not cost you too much.

So, how does it work?

It breaks down the hair protein that’s why when you wipe it off the hair comes off easily. Make sure that you follow the instruction that comes with the product for it to be more effective and the most important part, make sure you don’t have any allergies on one of its ingredients.

Best for: Legs, bikini area, upper lip, and chin. Look for creams formulated just for the face, which are gentler than those formulated to use on coarser leg hair.


It is an electrical device that removes hair from its roots- just like waxing. There are 2 kinds of epilator

Dry Epilator- which can be used without water

Wet Epilator- Which you can use while taking a batch and make it more convenient.

This device plucks out the hair from your skin- which can be painful too. It is said that before using this device you need to exfoliate your skin first for better results.

Best for: Legs, underarms, face, and possibly the bikini line.



The cheapest hair removal product that you can find easily. One of the best thing about this is you can use it while having shower. It only takes an extra minute or two to cover large areas such as your legs. 

Best for: Legs, underarms, and possibly the bikini line (if you’re not prone to irritation, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs).


Which type would you think you will consider for hair removal? Have you tried all of these? Which one is the best for you?