Here They Are! Guess The Top 10 Best Magnetic Lashes and Eyeliner Kit of 2020

Lashes are crucial in one’s daily look. They make or break the way you look for a day, and consequently the impressions other people have of you.

If the ol’ mascara trick doesn’t work, false lashes are always there to help you iron things out. And because it’s 2020, check out this list of the top magnetic lashes for your choosing! 


TOP 1: Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit [5 Pairs]


Nothing beats the power of a lash kit with all the possible lash designs that you might need. This magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit already has a special eyeliner designed with ultra-fine magnetic particles that serve as the lash adhesive, making applying lashes hassle-free. Then there’s the smudge-proof feature which women are always after when it comes to eyeliners. The tip of the applicator is so precise that you can draw winged eyeliners that could kill. 

With over 9,000 reviews and a 4.4 star rating on the internet, there’s no doubt that this kit is one of the best-selling ones on Amazon. Choose from five gorgeous lashes and get all these for just under $20! Reviewed over 9,000 times and boasting a 4.4 star rating, this magnetic eyelash kit is one of the best-selling items of its kind on Amazon. Women near and far love it! Here’s one review: “I am a very busy mom that doesn't have a lot of time to spend on myself. These little puppies make your look change in seconds.” Check this product here.

TOP 2: 3-Style Magnetic Lash and Liner Set By HSBCC



If three pairs of stylish magnetic lashes is all it takes for your liking, then here’s another one for you. Choose from magnetic lashes that suit you and fit any occasion you’re going to. Be it a formal dinner, a casual stroll, or a dramatic date night! These magnetic lashes can cover up to two-thirds of your eyelashes toward the outer corner. All for that 3D look that many women are after. 

TOP 3: Natural-Looking Magnetic Eyelashes By Lamix-  Best Value



Sometimes all it takes is a good pair of lashes that comes in a compact case. This one’s perfect for your on-the-go needs in case you want to be prepared for the worst case scenario for your lashes. Just pair it up with your handy eyeliner and you’re good to go. 



TOP 4: 4-Style Easy Magnetic Eyelashes Kit By Reazeal



This is one of those products that you can learn with if you’re just starting to learn the basics of makeup and lashes. It’s also a good match for any occasion as it comes in a four-pair set that you can choose from. Fave part? It’s got a long-lasting sticking power because of the great load of magnetic particles in it. 



TOP 5: Arishine 10 Pairs Of Magnetic Lashes & 2 Tubes Of Eyeliner 


There’s no such thing as too many pairs of lashes! Believe us. There’s an entire range of magnetic lashes paired with a trusty magnetic eyeliner. Just have a look at this Arisihine Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit. For all your lash application needs, this comes with 2 tubes of special eyeliner with ultra-fine magnetic particles. The best part about this? You get 10 pairs of beautiful eyelashes and a free tweezer applicator. Isn’t that such a deal? Check it here.


TOP 6: Silk Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelash Kit By Aroamas


This one is also a product to check out. Each eyelash in this kit has five strong magnets while the eyeliner utilizes ultra-fine magnet particles to ensure a strong hold. What’s best about this product is that the eyeliner has great formula compared to other lash and liner kits, making you save money in the long run. "Once the magnets 'engaged,' my lashes were perfectly in place," reads one Amazon comment. Have a look here.



TOP 7: Arishine False Lashes, Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit Affordable 3 Pair Kit



Another contender is this lash and liner kit that comes in three pairs. This brand has loads of lash designs to choose from, catering to every need of their users. If you’re looking for an affordable kit without the compromised product quality, then this is your best pick



TOP 8: Rose Gold Magnetic Eyelash and Eyeliner Kit By Maphie



Product quality? Check. Performance? Check. Packaging? Super check! This gorgeous kit features a beautiful compact that contains two pairs of reusable lashes, a magnetic eyeliner, and a lash applicator for your convenience. A chic design for a chic night out with friends! Know more about this product here.



TOP 9: Cat Eye Magnetic Eyelashes Kit By Vafee

Drop the glue with this kit of magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner. With designs that come close to natural lashes, these are going to be new bestfriends of women who like the subtle side of things. Want it? Check them here.



TOP 10: Magnetic Eyelashes with Magnetic Eyeliner Kit By AsaVEa


No doubt many are loving this magnetic lash and eyeliner kit for its gorgeous design. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it also features lashes that can add an extra oomph to one’s look. Check more about this beaut here

Now that you know about the top 10 picks of everyone, which one’s your favorite?