Is it necessary to have different skincare routines for morning and night?

You wake up every morning with the same skin you went to bed with the night before, therefore your morning and evening skincare routines should be the same, right?

Think again, ladies and gents!

While it may be convenient to use the same facial products morning and night, it's time to switch things up and switch up your PM and AM routines. The following are the reasons.

At night and during the day, your skin is exposed to entirely different substances.

Consider this: Your PM skin just has to be concerned with what's on your pillow (drool, anyone?) and its own oil production.

On the other hand, your skin is exposed to an almost infinite array of contaminants during the day, including dirt, cosmetics, airborne pollutants, and bacteria. Even seemingly innocuous actions like conversing on the phone expose your skin to far more bacteria and pollutants than you may realize (believe me!).

During the day, your skin's primary function is to be offensive. However, at night, it discreetly repairs itself and prepares for the next day. You must ensure that your PM and AM procedures are slightly different to support it in both functions.


Deep cleansing and nourishing should be the focus of your evening skincare routine. A healthy PM routine can help your skin restore itself and even slow down the aging process (see you, early wrinkles!) if done correctly. Bonus: this is the time of year when you'll want to employ photosensitive products. Not only will they work twice as hard because your skin heals the majority of the time while you sleep, but you'll also avoid the sun's harmful side effects (hint, you will still want to wear SPF protection during the day).

For the best results, include the following steps in your night routine:

>Cleanse with a good cleanser.
>Apply a moisturizing, age-defying serum to your skin.
>Apply an eye healing serum to the area around the eyes.
>Apply a moisturizing cream that penetrates deeply into the skin.

Each of these products serves a distinct purpose in the nightly skincare routine. When applied combined, they can help soften and nourish the skin, allowing it to remain appealing and radiant despite the harsh conditions it encounters on a daily basis.


Your morning skincare routine should be simple and prepare your skin for the day's demands. The following steps should be included in a basic morning routine

>Use a mild cleanser to clean your face.
>Apply eye cream to your eyes.
>Apply a mild moisturizer on your face.

While it's fine to add extra products to your routine if you see that they aid in enhancing the health and appearance of your skin, the above is a basic list of items that should always be included in your morning routine.

Now that you know why and how to vary up your PM and AM skincare routines, try it out and see how your skin reacts. I'm confident you'll adore the way it looks and feels once it's properly cared for.