Know Which Magnetic Lashes Fit Your Eye Shape?

Nothing beats the feeling of fun and excitement when it comes to creating the best eye makeup. Crafting looks from scratch will always be a highly anticipated yet relaxing moment for every beauty enthusiast. Plus, even without a full face on, one’s look will automatically level up once the eyes are perfectly set. Be it a professional business look, a flirty face, a dramatic play, or just a casual walk-in-the-park kind of simple eye makeup.

So what’s the secret in achieving this? It lies in your eye shape and what you do with it.

Ever seen someone don an eye makeup that looks odd no matter how complicated their look is? That’s probably because they’ve applied makeup and cosmetics that doesn’t emphasize their eyes pretty well. Instead of bringing attention to the eyes in a good way, the mismatch of eyeshadow and magnetic lashes just completely give off a messy vibe.

The golden rule here is that not all eyes are made equal. And definitely, not all lash designs may suit each eye shape. If you’re keen on knowing which one fits you, then read on!



Round Eyes

For those ladies with rounded eyes (usually large and prominent, surrounded by white all around), lashes with a wispy style that has more drama towards the outer corner might just be your best friend. These help you perfect a sexy cat-eye shape with the perfect eyeliner. Also, don’t be afraid to gravitate towards more curled options.




 Hooded Eyes or Small Eyes

One of the most challenging eye shapes there is are hooded eyes. They often appear smaller so makeup tricks are needed to make them appear more awake and open. Lashes that come in dramatic, long, and thick designs are best for these types of eyes. You may also select lashes that are slightly longer at the center to create an illusion of depth. 



 Almond Eyes

If you have dazzling eyes similar to the Diamonds singer Rihanna, then you most likely have almond eyes. People with this eye shape have a wider range of choice as they have a naturally sexy eye shape. What we suggest is a voluminous set of lashes that are evenly distributed along the band as it can bring more depth and attention to your fluttering eyes.




Anyone can buy whatever type of magnetic lashes that they want. But it takes basic knowledge to build your way up to perfection in the world of beauty and makeup. Now that you know which type of lash fits you, let’s get to the business of applying these cool and trendy magnetic lashes.

  • Before applying the eyeliner/adhesive, gently shake the eyeliner first so you don’t get clumps on your lids.
  • Apply a good amount of eyeliner according to your desired wing.
  • Let it dry for a few seconds.
  • Attach the magnetic lashes on where the eyeliner is drawn.
  • Adjust the lashes if you feel the need to. Don’t worry! Changing position is very much effortless and painless.



Now that you know the secrets to bringing more emphasis to your eyes through finding the right lashes for your eye shape, you’re now ready to conquer the world. One winged eye and pair of magnetic lashes at a time!