Let's Battle It Out: Magnetic Lashes vs. Ordinary Lashes

The beauty industry has become one of the largest and fastest growing industries these days. Thanks to the many products getting released and the number of beauty gurus who are influencing people’s thoughts and choices about makeup. Some of you may even have heard of magnetic lashes. But what really is in store for you with these products? Ready to find out more? Then read on.

Ease of Application

Take the fuss out of lash applications with magnetic lashes. We understand that putting on all the glue on the lashes can be too much of the work. Well, imagine you don’t have to do that because putting magnetic lashes on doesn't require glue!

From what its name implies, magnetic false lashes (and the eyeliner paired with it) rely on magnetic particles so it can adhere to the lids without any glue. How about that for a fuss-free application?


Comfort should never be compromised when it comes to products. And magnetic lashes and eyeliners are just made to deliver this to users. Some users may have already gotten used to wearing lashes all day long. But makeup beginners might be uncomfortable wearing these kinds of things especially for a long period of time.

Fret not as magnetic lashes are hypoallergenic so they apply gently on the lids. Minus the lash glue (which can be an irritation culprit, by the way), these lashes are way lighter than ordinary ones. And because there’s technically lesser products used in the adhesion, there’s definitely more room for the eyes to breathe.


Technically, both magnetic lashes and ordinary lashes have good scores regarding safety. But the former may have an edge over the latter because the glue-less application of magnetic lashes takes away the process as well of harsh glue removal from the lids. When not done carefully, removing glue from the lids can be painful and may scrape off a healthy layer of skin. We wouldn’t want that kind of pain, do we?


Ordinary lashes can come in the widest range of designs so it can easily be paired with almost any makeup look. That makes them one of the most versatile beauty products that exist. The varied designs can also suit different eye shapes. 

Meanwhile, magnetic lashes may come in limited designs. Some packs may only have 10 pairs or so. But on the good side of things, while there are only a few designs for this kind of lashes, they are made with top quality material which allows them to last multiple uses. That makes them one of the versatile lashes out there as well. Aesthetic wise? Magnetic lashes always wear like they’re custom-made for your eyes! 

Value for Money

Lastly, magnetic lashes may not be the cheapest option when it comes to false lashes. Sure, there are loads of cheaper options out there. But if you are to decide between two types of lashes, consider the return of investment which comes in the way of how long these lashes are going to last and how well they perform.

Magnetic lashes can withstand multiple uses, suit any look, and are made with sturdy materials. Are the lashes going to last me long enough? Will I be able to use these lashes on multiple occasions? Are these the most comfortable pair out there? There are definitely lots of points to consider in deciding between magnetic lashes and ordinary lashes. And when you figure out the answers to these questions, you’ll eventually get your score card straightened out.