Magnetic Eyelashes VS Glue Lashes: The Battle Between Lashes

Rumor has it that there’s a new fad in terms of lashes. You may have seen or heard of magnetic eyelashes from social media influencers, beauty gurus, or even straight from your friend’s mouth. Then you end up wanting to know more about this product that’s why you’re here. If you’re wondering what difference lies between magnetic lashes and glue lashes, then read on.


Straight off the bat, you may get the idea that the main difference between the two is that magnetic lashes, from the name itself, uses magnets. Know why many users are going head over heels with this beauty product? Here are the reasons why:


First, these kinds of lashes are hot on the market right now. They’re newly released and they’re one of a kind--something that hasn’t been done before. Naturally, any novel beauty product that works will definitely leave a good first impression on users and so, it will attract more attention, especially from the beauty community. 


Secondly, the use of magnets removes the need for glue in sticking them to the lids. Although it’s been a long-standing tradition and technique to use glue for sticking lashes to the eyes, it can cause problems when not handled properly. Some people’s skin can react negatively toward glue because of the harsh chemicals in the formula.


In fact, the National Cancer Society confirms that glue used in beauty products may contain substances that are linked to toxicity that affects growth, organ functions, and even brain functions. Not to mention, it can even cause cancer cells to grow within the body. Glue may also contain latex which triggers allergic reaction to the skin, unhealthy amounts of ammonia, formaldehyde, phthalates, and the skin-irritant chemical called sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate which can ultimately damage eyesight in large doses.


Lastly, magnetic lashes are more eco-friendly than you think. Because it no longer requires glue, the lashes can be reused over and over again so long as the magnetic particles are safely intact on the bands. And with lash glues gone in the process, application is made so much easier without the fuss. Who wouldn’t want that easier method?


Risky Traditional Lash Application



Using the Convenient Magnetic Eyelashes & Eyeliner Kit

On the other hand, magnetic lashes are very convenient to use because it entails the least effort, least number of products needed, and a beginner’s skillset to have it done. However, this will require a special eyeliner from where the lashes need to attach itself to. It’s a type of eyeliner that has magnetic particles that will attract and snap the lashes in place. And to make it work, the process is so easy! All that needs to be done is to draw the eyeliner wing of your preference for the day, let it dry for a few seconds, attach the magnetic lashes in a snap, and voila! You’re ready for the day!


If you need to make a few adjustments on how the eyeliner should sit on top of your eyes, you can gentle detach it and apply it in your most comfortable position.



Now, let’s talk about the eyeliner!

If the lashes aren’t convincing alone, don’t worry. We’ve got something in store for you which will really make you see why you need to do the lash switch. 


The magnetic eyeliner that’s to be paired with the lashes are smudge-proof, sweat-proof, waterproof, and glides easily on the eyes. There’s totally no need to worry about drawing them perfectly in one go as it has the tips that every eyeliner out there can only dream of. Plus, an eyeliner that doubles as an eyelash adhesive? Count me in!




With this duo, you will surely save a whole lot of time and energy (and even money, if you buy the bundle!) that you’d rather spend somewhere else. Don’t worry. 


These lashes come in designs that suit every eye shape and can fit every eye makeup look that you could ever think of. From your no-makeup makeup look to your most eye-catching glamorous makeup look, magnetic lashes are sure to cater to these. And the best part here? This duo comes in a price that’s sure to save your wallet from crying!


If you’ve reached the end of this article, then I’m sure you must be eager to get your hands on these lashes and magnetic eyeliner. It’s time to say goodbye to good ol’ traditional lashes and embrace the future of eye makeup: magnetic lashes.