Magnetic False Lashes Are More Than Just Looks. Here's Why.

There’s a hype going on around magnetic eyelashes. Several beauty enthusiasts and makeup professionals are picking up this increased attention toward this product. But do we understand what all this hype is all about?

At first glance, magnetic false lashes look like your similar and typical products. At the very least, a pair can look like a very simple and ordinary lash product. However, when you look close enough and get yourself one, you’re going to see a difference.


Beauty product makers and now much smarter these days. Well, partly because consumers are becoming more proactive in what they want and what they require for their beauty needs.

So, what makes magnetic lashes stand out from the rest of the lash products?


Surprised? Well, not really. Magnets are used to make it possible for the lashes to stick to the eyes without the help of lash glues.

To some people, this might not be that impressive but they might want to check this for themselves because it’s going to change the way they do makeup.

First of all, as it gets rid of the use of lash glue in the process, there’s no need to add that extra step and deal with ugly glue in the long run. Imagine the time you could save by skipping the step of having your lash glue dry out for a few minutes.

Secondly, the use of magnets help ensure that the lashes don’t fall off the eyes no matter what you go through the day. Some elements such as facial oil and sweat make typical false lashes fall off. However, with magnetic false lashes, users need not to worry as this thing can only be removed with a makeup remover or when users decide to get rid off them at the end of the day.


It’s always a changing world out there for the beauty industry. And it’s great to know what is to come and what is going behind. Get yourself updated with the latest trend by the use of this pair of magnetic false lashes.

One can never go wrong with beauty and function combined.