Magnetic Lashes: The New Beauty Trend

The beauty industry is undeniably one of the fast-changing businesses of today. There’s no doubt about that due to the many products popping up here and there. But one product recently caught our attention and how its popularity spread like wildfire amongst the beauty community. These are the magnetic lashes. 

For those of you who don’t know yet, magnetic lashes are the total upgrade to traditional falsies. It’s a glueless type of lashes because, as the name implies, it utilizes magnetic particles on the lash band and on the eyeliner so the lashes attached to the lids. 


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And so, we dug deeper into the fandom. Why is it becoming more popular? Why are more women querying in the phrase ‘best magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner’ in their search boxes? Here’s what we found.



They are quick to use.

The modern woman prefers products that don’t require much effort or time to use. It’s all about efficiency these days. And because of this demand, there are loads of beauty companies that try to create products that respond to women’s needs.

Magnetic lashes make routines simpler by helping users skip a step or two. The magnetic particles from both lashes and eyeliner help them stick to the lids without glue, consequently eliminating the need for glue. And all these lead to point number two.



It’s a smart idea.

Who would have thought that concepts of physics and science would make beauty products more convenient? It’s a complete stroke of a genius, one that’s good enough to impress anyone who is always on the lookout for products that can revolutionize the beauty industry.



It’s not wasteful.

One sad truth beauty lovers must know is that the industry is one of the top waste producers in the world. That’s why sustainable beauty products have become the new trend as well. Magnetic lashes create this one single act of reducing waste by no longer requiring glue (which eventually gets thrown out after every use). Also, since the eyeliner acts as adhesive, you’re hitting two birds with one stone in this pairing. Such a win-win situation!



They’re comfortable to wear.

Many users have reported that magnetic lashes are way lighter to the eyes because it gets rid of the icky and thick glue. How about that for comfortable wear? Also, users are less prone to the dangers of the chemicals often used in glues. That makes magnetic lashes and eyeliners safer than the traditional lash-glue combo. 






Beauty is Efficiency in Modern Times

Modern times require modern solutions. And the beauty industry, as it should be, is always quick to catch on the trend. Nobody likes archaic and tedious products. We’re all in for versatile beauty items that can not only save money but also improve the time and process of doing things. 




There’s innovation where products thrive. And magnetic lashes are a prime example of that. Beauty products can learn a few things from magnetic lashes that are responsive to what the modern woman needs in terms of beauty.