Remove Your Makeup before you Sleep

Since a lot of women love to put makeup on their faces when they go to work, go to parties, meet up with friends, and go on important occasions. It adds up the confidence of people who wear it.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing makeup, however, you must always remove it before going to sleep.

The skin always renews itself while you sleep, that’s why if you sleep with your makeup on your face you are preventing that from happening. Most makeup consists of oily substances that can clog your pores and clog pores can cause acne.

Here are some of the risks that your skin can get if you sleep with still makeup on your face

  • Skin Breakout
  • Dull and Dry Complexion
  • Skin will look older and will have more wrinkles
  • Skin will develop more acne
  • Skin Rash

You would not want this to happen to your skin, right? Make sure that even though you’re tired always cleanse your face before sleeping.