Should You Refrigerate Your Skin Care Products?

There’s been a debate recently about whether you should put your skincare products in the fridge. Women are getting confused right now since mini-fridge is one of the trendy items nowadays.

You’ll see posts on Instagram and Facebook photos of skincare products inside a mini-fridge or women unboxing their mini-fridge.

That’s why there’s a recent question around the internet if-- Skincare product should be put inside a fridge?

The answer is…

It depends on you! If you want to put your skincare products inside a fridge then you may do so.

According to experts, placing your skincare products inside the fridge doesn’t make them more effective and does not extend their shelf life too. The manufacturers already tested the stability of their products by exposing them to different temperatures, light conditions, and humidity to make sure that consumers will not have any problems when they buy them. That’s why you will always see in product boxes that it can be stored at room temperature.

However, other dermatologists suggest refrigerating skincare products such as creams or gels designed to de-puff tired eyes will benefit from time in the fridge. Some facial creams can be refrigerated to boost lymphatic drainage, which results in healthier and more radiant-looking skin.

Again, before placing your skincare in the fridge read the ingredients to make sure that it is safe for the product to be chilled because, for some products, it may affect its consistency.