The Best False Eyelashes: Magnetic Eyeliner & Eyelashes!

Tired of getting your lashes stuck in glue but don’t want lash extensions? Don’t want any lash glue getting in the way of your look? Want to make winged liners more precise while getting rid of the bulky glue? Worry no more because a new thing has come to town! Even better than ordinary lashes, something has come and replaced traditional falsies. Check out the latest talk of the town magnetic eyeliner and lashes! It may sound foreign but technology has made it possible for makeup enthusiasts and beauty junkies to reap the benefits of both worlds. 

What’s this new thing about?

Of course, there are going to be loads of questions when it comes to this new product. Technically, magnetic lashes are false lashes equipped with magnetic particles that stick to magnet-equipped liners that go on the eyes. Through this process, it gets rid of lash glue application which is often a burden when wearing makeup. 

It’s the latest trend in the market. More makeup fanatics are enjoying the perks of using this product without having much of a hassle. And the best part right here is that while it secures lashes on the eyes without glue, it delivers a staying power that’s just as trusted!

Is it true that they’re much easier to apply? 

We’ve run the tests and trials. And the verdict is out! Among the myriad of magnetic lashes available everywhere, you may want to check out this product in particular. It’s got the best features when it comes to longevity, application, design, and even affordability!

No doubt that the eyeliner which comes with the package stands out among the rest. It’s got ultra-fine magnetic particles that allows the lashes to attach themselves on the eyes. Water, oil, and even a strong force of wind can’t beat that! All that needs to be done is to apply an adequate amount of liquid eyeliner on the lids and stick the magnetic lashes on top. As easy as that!

Don’t bother yourself with the mess or any waiting time. Cut the process and get yourself an eye makeup duo that applies beautifully on the lids. With an eyeliner that applies in a precise manner, you’re sure to step out with makeup on fleek.

The package usually comes in 3 beautifully designed pairs of lashes equipped with a magnetic storage tray to help protect them when not in use. Of course, you also get a smudge-proof and longwear eyeliner and an applicator to top it all off. 

Got yourself interested? Check out the Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes and tell us how you loved using it. Isn’t this just great? Now say hello to wonderful lashes all day long!