The Health Risks Associated With Wearing Glued False Eyelashes


In order to understand why these false eyelashes are sometimes a bad idea, you need to understand first the purpose of natural lashes. Eyelashes is one of the most important parts of our face next to the eye. It helps control the airflow pass directly to the eyeball. Your natural lashes are designed to reduce airflow into your eyes, keep excess moisture out, and filter sunlight. Your eyelashes’ curved shape and position are what helps protect your eyes from both excess moisture and sunlight. 


But before we go to the health risks, let’s discuss first why we wear those false lashes and what satisfaction those lashes are giving to us. False eyelashes are popular among women as they enhance looks. Usually, false eyelashes are made from synthetic material while some are made from natural human hair. The eyelashes may look good but they are not good for the health of the eyes especially when you’re not taking care of them well. 

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False eyelashes, who won't love them? Who doesn’t love to have beautiful and big looking eyes? A lot of women don’t need them, but there are still a lot of women out there who have naturally small lashes that really need this thing. Admit it or not, we all want to always look presentable wherever we are. We buy products that will enhance our facial features more. And one of those products is the false eyelashes we’re talking about. These false eyelashes enhance and define your eyes and so as your eye makeup style. It can give you a classy and glamorous eye makeup at the same time! 


You may use them to capture the attention of many people while crossing the street, but did you know that fake eyelashes can also give problems to you? The most common problems associated with wearing fake lashes include: eye injuries and infections, allergic reactions, and damage to your natural lashes. 


Eye Infections

Infections can occur when bacteria collect under the eyelash glue and on the false eyelash itself. Also, if you accidentally drop your eyelash somewhere before putting it on, there is a big risk of getting harmful bacteria and dirt that might enter the eye. Infections can also get from not cleaning your eyelids after using and removing the fake eyelashes or sharing them with a friend. 


Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions are typically the result of the glue used to hold fake eyelashes in place, as they often contain chemicals. Other people may actually be allergic to the fiber used to make the fake eyelashes themselves. Allergic reactions to lashes can cause burning, swelling, or sometimes a rash. 


Damage to your Natural Lashes

Most people tend to wear false lashes to enhance their eye makeup look. Sadly, wearing fake lashes regularly and removing them harshly might rip out the real ones. Wearing fake eyelashes may also cause temporary or permanent loss of your own natural lashes. Taking the fake lashes off can cause a breakage of your real ones and damage the hair itself. When that happens, your own lashes may never grow back to its natural style. 


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Eye Injuries

More serious eye injuries can happen if fake eyelashes irritate the cornea or if the glue thickens and falls into your eye scratching the cornea. 


Here are the tips to keep your eyes safe from infections and damages


  • Limit the amount of glue used.
  • Avoid lashes with glitter or jewels.
  • Gently remove the lashes.
  • Clean the eyelid after removing the lashes.
  • Avoid glue that contains formaldehyde.
  • Don’t share your lashes with others.


Symptoms of eye infection


  • Pain
  • Redness
  • Soreness
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Discharge
  • Fever
  • Blurred vision
  • Swelling


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Of course, to avoid all potential problems with fake eyelashes and lash extensions, it’s best to just say no and make the best of what the Creator has given you. And if you’re to use products to enhance your facial feature, please be reminded to choose the best product for you and use them properly and with care. Choose a product that offers long, thick lashes that contains natural and non-hazardous chemicals.