Tips for Sweaty Feet

What causes my feet to sweat so much?

Nobody knows why certain people suffer from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of the feet. It's very likely that it was passed down through the generations. People with hyperhidrosis sweat all of the time, not just when it's hot outside. Men and younger adults are more prone to hyperhidrosis than women.

Your body may also sweat more as a result of stress, drugs, or hormonal changes.

Sweaty feet can create a variety of issues

Aside from the pain of wet feet, which may cause you to slip in your shoes, you may notice that you have stinky feet and are more prone to infections as a result of the wetness breaking down your skin.

What can I do to stop my sweaty feet?

Begin with proper foot hygiene:

>Use antibacterial soap to clean your feet. 
>Always clean in between your toes.
>Sprinkle cornstarch, foot powder, or antifungal powder on your feet after drying them.
>Socks that wick away moisture are recommended.
>Throughout the day, change your socks frequently.

Still can't seem to get a grip on it? Consult a physician. Prescription antiperspirants, iontophoresis (a procedure that temporarily stops sweat glands), and surgery are all alternatives for treatment.

Sweaty feet are not only unpleasant, but they can also be embarrassing for some people. There are numerous home remedies for sweaty feet prevention and management.

Foot cleanliness is critical for controlling excessive sweating and preventing infection and foot odor.

If home remedies fail, a doctor can suggest more serious treatment options for hyperhidrosis of the feet.