Washing Your Hair: Bad and Good Habits

Hair is considered as the crowning glory for both men and women, well, especially for women. When we have a great hair day it boosts our confidence and makes us feel more beautiful and handsome. That’s why a nice haircut, beautifully styled, and colored hair is what we want to achieve.

However, before achieving those, let’s take a look at the good habits that you need for your hair and the bad habits that you need to get rid of.

Poor Hair-Washing Habits

The quantity of shampoo you use

It is simple to believe that using more shampoo is preferable. No, no, no! This makes it more difficult to properly rinse it out, and residual shampoo may stimulate the scalp.

Do not shampoo your hair immediately after soaking it

If you shampoo your hair shortly after soaking it, you won't be able to properly rinse off the dust and waste from your hair and scalp. If you have a lot of waste on the surface of your scalp and hair, there will be less foam if you have a lot of waste on the surface of your scalp. And you'll use more shampoo if you want more foam, right?

As a result, as described in the first harmful habit, you will stimulate the scalp more than required. If you comb your hair and soak it for one or two minutes before shampooing, it would be simpler to wipe up the waste with clean foam.

Do not apply shampoo directly to your scalp

It’s better to make the foam lather on your hands before you apply it directly to your scalp. Direct application of the shampoo on your scalp may cause inflammation and dandruff.  It is more important to remove the waste on your scalp than your hair. So clean the scalp first.

Proper Hair-Washing Habit

Wash your hair in a circular motion, rubbing your scalp with your fingertips

Take care not to scratch your scalp with your fingernails. If you scratch your scalp with your fingernails, the bacteria under your fingernails can cause scalp infection.

While massaging your hair, change your posture

Standing up and shampooing will soak the top of the scalp with enough water to rinse. However, the lower scalp may not have been completely washed. Don't forget to shampoo in more than one position.

Wash your hair using water that is close to your body temperature

Protein makes up more than 80% of the hair, and as it becomes heated, the protein hardens. When you wash your hair with hot water, the hair protein hardens and reduces the treatment's effectiveness. Washing your hair with cold water, on the other hand, reduces cleansing efficiency and increases the likelihood of shampoo residue remaining on your scalp.

Do not use a conditioner treatment on your scalp

Silicone is used in most treatment and conditioner products to make your hair smooth and lustrous. The silicone chemicals are difficult to rinse off and accumulate on the scalp. It will induce allergies and irritation, and may even result in hair loss. A conditioning treatment should be applied at least five centimeters away from your scalp from the end of your hair.

Keep in mind that our unconscious activities might cause scalp and hair damage.

Habits are long-established practices in our daily lives. Brushing and drying your hair is also a habit. So, do you have a good hair habit or a bad hair habit?