Ways To Make Your Skincare Routine More Effective

It's easy for an everyday skin-care routine to get a little boring. But that's no reason not to take good care of your complexion. With just a few simple tweaks, you can upgrade your standard regimen, liven up your routine, and boost the results you're already seeing—without adding too much time to your schedule or spending a ton of money in the process.

Wash Your Face Twice Daily!

After a long day, laziness may be a formidable seductress. But if you don't stop and remove all your makeup, you'll be leaving a layer of grime on your pillowcase, as well as all the free radicals and environmental poisons your face has accumulated throughout the day. You don't need to soap up, use water, or even be near a sink. Keep a bottle of micellar cleanser by your bedside, along with some soft cotton pads similar to those used to remove nail paint, and just dab a pad with the micellar cleanser and wipe it over your face. That's all there is to it. There's no need to rinse, and your skin will be clean.

Retinoid cream is BEST at Night

Retinol improves skin recovery at the DNA level, and by applying it at night when your skin is in recovery mode, you're best able to accelerate its natural processes and achieve the best benefits." After 8 to 12 weeks of retinol use, your skin tone will be more even and your lines and wrinkles will begin to diminish (retinol helps jump-start collagen production). Elasticity and firmness will also improve, and this will continue to increase over time.

Consume a Plant-Based Diet

We eat far too much animal protein as a civilization. Also, animal protein is inflammatory, which hastens aging. Changing to a plant-based diet will make your system more alkaline, which reduces inflammation. As a result, your skin will appear less blotchy and irritated right away, and it will be better equipped to retain moisture, protect itself from free radicals and pollutants, and build collagen and elastin over time.

Vitamin D3 is a must-have

Vitamin D is necessary for the skin's capacity to protect itself from the elements and to heal wounds. You should be taking a vitamin D3 supplement to keep your skin looking wonderful and functioning properly. We have a D deficiency population, and no, you won't get enough from the sun or your food. You should consider taking a supplement.