What is the best way to choose a perfume?

Trying it on is the most crucial step in discovering your new favorite perfume.

Perfume has the power to make you look more appealing. Researchers observed that the presence of a nice smell enhances the beauty of women's features. It is thought that odors can influence our impressions of beauty and of one another.

Here are the Scent Families and let’s get to know them!


They are one of the most common families, and many well-known scents contain them. Floral scents are most typically found in women's perfumes, although they may also be found in men's fragrances. They typically have a powdery perfume or the aroma of freshly cut flowers. Floral scents are great for the spring and summer seasons. Perfect to use during daytime.


Scents that are clean and fresh are incorporated. Aromas such as herbal, fruity, and sea are examples of this. To give a stronger aroma, fresh scents are occasionally blended with spicy ingredients in men's perfumes rather than in women's perfumes. Aromatic and acidic tones can also be found in zesty or fruity aromas. Perfect to use in the afternoon.

Oriental or fiery

It has a lot of interesting fragrances in it. When thinking about oriental perfumes, herbs, and spices, as well as dry, powdery resin overtones, come to mind. These notes are typically tempered with amber or honey overtones, making them opulent and intoxicating. This family is frequently described as exotic and intriguing. Perfect to use in evening.


Warm and opulent, with incense-like notes like sandalwood and patchouli combined with drier notes like cedar. To balance out the warmth of these ingredients, fragrances will occasionally contain fresh notes like citrus or flowers. This family has coniferous, woody, and bitter tones. This one is perfect to use during day and night.

Here is also a tip from us on how to understand Fragrance Notes

The smells that draw you in and give you an early sense of the fragrance are known as Top Notes.

Middle Notes are often known as "heart notes" since they serve as the scent's basis. These aromas emerge after the top notes have faded, and they typically account for 40–80 percent of the total perfume.

The Base Note is the scent that lasts the longest and that you remember the most. It is the densest and most potent part of the olfactory pyramid. They're also referred to as "signature notes" because they're in charge of the perfume's soul.

Now that you know all of this, go and choose the perfect perfume for you!