Your Handy Eyelashes Care Cheat Sheet!

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Eyes are the windows to the soul and lashes draw more attention to them. The volume and length of lashes are often treated as basis of good health and standards of beauty. So it’s understandable that many people around the globe want to have fluttering lashes. 

However, the process is not always easy especially for those not naturally endowed with beautiful strands. That’s why there are lash enhancements available such as mascaras, fake lashes, and lash extensions. Although these products generally work well on different types of people, some users are not maximizing their beauty items. But fret not! Here are tips to get the most out of these lash enhancing products and improve your lashes overall. 

Lash Care Tip #1: Apply Mascara & Remove It!

It’s tempting to always reach out for waterproof mascara especially when we’re out for the entire day. However, waterproof mascara may not be the healthiest kind of mascara available. The chemical compositions of these products are usually drying and difficult to remove, causing users to apply too much force on the lids which have thin skin. Oftentimes, lashes are pulled out from the tugging action by removing waterproof mascaras.

Instead, users may opt for an everyday mascara that’s light on the eyes and made with natural ingredients that include natural and non-irritating pigments. There are also mascaras that contain hydrating and nourishing elements. Look for oils, natural butters, and waxes that help prime and condition the lashes.

More importantly, always remember to remove your mascara at the end of the day because many dirt particles including sweat, dead skin cells, and dust may accumulate on the mascara sitting on top of your lashes. Failure to do so may expose your eyes to irritation. 

Lash Care Tip #2: Gentle Cleaning

Like any other part of the body, lashes require daily cleaning and not just after removing makeup. There are multiple ways to clean lashes. Some of these include using natural oils like virgin coconut oils used in generally removing makeup. On the other hand, there are also more thorough cleansers such as wax-based or cream cleansers. These are gentler on the lashes as oil-based makeup binds with the cleanser and gets removed in one go. Remember to rinse them with a splash of water and follow it up with a damp cotton ball to remove makeup residue. 

Lash Care Tip #3: Always Choose the Best Products

In makeup, it’s always a golden rule to choose the best out of the bunch. Be it eyeshadow, eyeliner, fake lashes, or mascara. That’s why you should always keep your eyes peeled for the latest functional trend.

Just like these magnetic lashes that have taken the beauty trend by storm. More ladies are falling in line just to have a try at these lashes that no longer require glue for better and lighter wear. And because these lashes skip out the glue altogether, there’s just less risk for your eyes. Don’t miss out on the eyeliner, too, with its precise tip and velvety application in just one swipe. No harmful chemicals included.

Interested to try them out? Then head on and check out this Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit for beautiful and non-irritating lashes all the time! If you loved it, then let us know if you think this is the best way to protect your lashes without compromising beauty standards.