Common Nail Problems: What Do They Tell About Your Health?

You can tell a lot from someone's health by looking at their nails. Even the slightest discoloration or deformation could be a sign of disease or other health complications in your body. Think of your nails as an indicator of how healthy you are. 

Any complications or problems in the liver, heart, and lungs can be seen on your nails. So be vigilant on your nails if they're showing any discoloration or deformation; it could be a sign that you have a health problem.

Today, I will share common nail problems and what they tell you about your health. Keep reading to reveal what your nails are truly hiding. 

Pale Nails

Pale or white nails are an indication that you have low red blood cells count. Sometimes it is a sign of serious illness, so be aware. If you do have one, it could be a sign that you have anemia, liver disease, diabetes, heart failure, liver disease, or malnutrition. 

White Nails 

This is a much more serious nail problem. What does it look like? Well, your nails would be mostly white with darker rims. This nail condition indicates that you have liver problems like hepatitis. If your nails look entirely white and not pinkish, see your doctor immediately. 

Cracked or Split Nails

If your nails happened to crack or split on its own, my friend, you might have dry and brittle nails. It can also be a sign of malnutrition if they're so easily broken. It can also be a sign of thyroid disease, fungal infections, and psoriasis. 

However, there are several factors why nails become weak and brittle. Age is also a factor because our nails naturally become weak and brittle as we get older.

Lifestyle is also a factor, such as having our hands get wet in long periods makes them weak. 

White Spots 

I'm pretty sure you have had this problem before. These non-uniform white spots you see on your nails are called leukonychia. It's caused by minor trauma you did on your nails. They're pretty much harmless. Sometimes they are associated with malnutrition, infections, metabolic issues, etc.

Yellow Nails

This is also a common nail problem. Fungal infections cause yellow nails, and if not treated, they could worsen and start to fall apart. According to WebMD, "...yellow nails can indicate a more serious condition such as severe thyroid disease, lung disease, diabetes or psoriasis."

If I were you, I'd lookout for this nail problem. And if you start to notice your nails start to yellow, seek your doctor immediately.

Blue Nails 

Talk about colors. I never thought nails would go blue. Actually, not the usual 'blue.' Blue nails are caused by low oxygen levels in your body. This occurs when there isn't enough oxygen in your blood for your body to consume. 

Cold temperature is also a factor in this condition. Even healthy nails would go blue when the temperatures drop very low. But, it would return to its normal color when warmed up or just by massaging. 

If they do remain blue, it could be underlying lung disease or heart disease. 

Clubbed Nails

This condition happens when our fingers' tip starts to enlarge and curves the nails on our fingertips. This doesn't happen in just a couple of days – but years!

This nail problem could be a sign of lung disease, inflammatory disease, heart disease, and thyroid disease.

Final Thoughts

Our nails may change in appearance due to certain health conditions. However, they aren't the first sign. Most nail abnormalities are harmless. Just because I have my nails pale, it doesn't mean that I have liver disease. If you're really concerned about your nail problem, consult your doctor.

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