Nail Care: How to Maintain Gel Nail Polish

For us, women, having fabulous and eye-catching nails, is crucial. Don't worry if you're allergic to acrylic nails. Gel nails are the perfect substitute for it. They are incredibly strong, offer luxurious color options, and they all look natural.

What's also great about gel nails is that it dries quickly, and it lasts up to 2 to 3 weeks tops! But did you know that you can extend it a little longer than that? Here is a list of things you should bear in mind before, and right after you do your nails, continue reading below. 

1# Opt for a Comfortable Nail Length

Whenever you go to a salon to have your nails done, always choose the most comfortable nail length. Nothing is more disappointing than chipped nails, especially when they're new. Even though gel nails are durable, it doesn't mean that they're not prone to chipping. 

As a rule of thumb, opt for a length that you think you can adequately maintain. Remember, longer nails are more prone to damage, especially chipping. 

With just the right length, you can go care-free for your nails while doing regular activities you usually do. 

2# Stay Away from Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are great for keeping your hands clean. However, it leaves your skin, nail bed, and cuticles dry. Also, it dries out the gel nails and eventually cracks, causing the topcoat to strip off. 

When that happens, your gel nails no longer have protection. The gel nails will fade much quicker than it should be.  

Next time your hands are a bit dirty, I highly suggest using soap and water than using hand sanitizers. 

3# Avoid Hot Water

A warm bath inside the tub is refreshing. However, that soothing, warm bath you're thinking can compromise your gel nails. If you soak for too long in a hot bath, peels off your manicure. If you're planning on taking a dip on a hot tub, make it quick and short. Otherwise, you'll see your gel nails peeling off your eyes.

4# Moisturize 

We've talked about how dryness would wreck your gel nails. Luckily you can prevent that from happening. Try using cuticle oil every day. It's also great for your natural nails! 

Cuticle oil increases blood circulation on your nails, which results in faster nail growth. Other than that, it also helps improve the overall health and appearance of your nails.

Take note. You only need a few drops for all of your nails. Don't use too much, or you'll end up wasting them. Then, depending on the brand you choose, lightly dab a cotton ball or brush your cuticles. Do this once a day. 

5# Reapply Top Coat

It's great to have a spare top coat inside your drawer. Try Edenray's Mini UV Gel Nail Polish Set! It has almost everything you need to have beautiful looking gel nails. 

Back to the topic, reapplying the top coat over your nails keeps it protected and shiny. You can do this every few days. This method will keep your nails healthy and prevent it from chipping. 

6# Use Gloves When Doing the Dishes

Warm water and harsh cleaning chemicals ruin your manicure much faster. So, whenever you're doing the dishes, protect your nails with dishwashing gloves. This way, you can still do your regular chores without worrying too much for your nails. 

7# File Your Nails

If you manage to chip the edge of your manicure or is already rubbed away, file it! This will prevent damage from progressing. Gently file the chipped area and then apply a coat of nail polish over it. Quick and easy fix!

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