Nail Extensions: Things You Should Know Before Getting One

Its History

If you think nail extensions are a present discovery, you got it wrong. It was the ancient Chinese who first discovered it. Back then, long nails had a social symbol amongst women. Long nails symbolize that the wearer is wealthy, wealthy enough not to do any such laborious tasks. 

It wasn't just the Chinese. The Egyptians also had the same belief towards having long nails. Even here in the present time, some communities use the length of their nails to measure social status.

Fun fact. Did you know that it was the ancient Chinese who invented nail polish? People back then used egg whites and beeswax as nail polish. Others even used silver and gold dust. Now that's pretty expensive. 

What is a Nail Extension?

Wait, we have already talked about its history, and we only have the faintest idea of what a nail extension is. So what is it? 


Nail extensions or fake nails, false nails, artificial nails (whatever you call it) are extensions placed on your nails as accessories. They mimic regular nails as much as possible, but others are deliberately obvious for art.

Types of Nail Extensions

Nail extensions come in different types; acrylic nail extensions, gel nail extensions, and fiberglass nail extensions. Let's find out each type.

Acrylic Nail extensions

It's the most common nail extension amongst the three – almost everyone knows about this. It is made out of monomer liquid mixed with a polymer powder to create a paste that glues naturally on the tip of your nails. Then, it hardens over time, and it can last up to 3 to 4 week tops.

They're perfect for women who have brittle nails. It also protects the nails, which is good for women who habitually chew their nails off. They're safe and don't have any side effects whatsoever. 

Gel Nail Extensions

This nail extension is also called gel overlays because it uses a thick layer of transparent gel placed on the top of your natural nails. Unlike acrylic, this nail extension uses LED UV light to set the get faster.

It's lightweight and causes less discomfort. It's odorless and doesn't cause any damage to your natural nails. They look more natural compared to acrylic extensions and are resistant to chipping.

However, gel nail extensions require skills, and it's time-consuming. It would be best to let some do your nails if you choose this kind of nail extension.

Fiberglass Nail Extension

It's the least popular nail extension. Anyway, it uses silk extensions and attaches it to the top of your nails, just like the extension nail tips on the acrylic extension.

It can be either fitted to the nail bed or at the tip of your nails. Then, it's applied with resin or glue, so the silk extension adheres to the nail. Usually, the resin or glue is sprayed with an activator to set them quickly.

This option is great for women who are allergic to the chemical used in acrylic and gel extensions. It looks great and natural, and it doesn't have any strong odor.

Final Words

I'll just end up here. Well, who doesn't want to have beautiful and good looking hands? Personally, I love wearing manicures because they accent with my style. For me, the nail extension helps magnify my makeup and outfit whenever my friends and I go out. 

Also, it really did a great help with my nails. Sadly, I have had brittle fingernails since I was a kid. With nail extensions, it reinforced them and allowed me to do beautiful things on my nails.

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