Nail Shapes: Which One Should You Choose?

Going to the salon or spa should be a relaxing experience. Sometimes we are caught in a dilemma where we get confused about which nail shape and color we should try. A few decades back, this dilemma didn't exist. It was because of the shortlist of choices available back then. Now, you will find it hard because of the countless options.


Today I will share seven nail shapes and some tips and guides about each shape. Don't worry. I will break down each nail shape, making it easier for you to compare with the others.

7 Different Nail Shapes 


This is one of the most common nail shapes. It's perfect for women who have short nails. This shape extends slightly past on the nail bed to achieve that round curve. It's easy to maintain, and it looks tidy. 

Overview: looks neat, elegant, and makes your fingers look long.

Use if: you have short fingers and short nail beds.

Looks great w/: any nail colors, or without polish


If your nails are a bit extended for a round shape, you can ask your manicurist to do a square shape on your nails. This option is also great for individuals with shorter fingers and nail beds. And, this shape doesn't require a ton of effort to maintain them. 

Overview: features a clean-cut, stylish.

Use if: you have short fingers with extended nails. 

Looks great w/: bold polish colors

U-shaped (Oval)

So what if you do have longer nails, and you want your fingernails to look slimmer and classy. Try the U-shaped nails. This shape creates an illusion on your fingers. Even if you have wide and stubby nail beds, this shape will make it look slim. It's great for women with short and long fingers. 

Overview: classy, brings out the feminine in you

Use if: you have short or long fingers with stubby and wide nail beds.

Looks great w/: all nail arts


Already in love with the U-shape nail? Wait, there's more! You can take your oval-shaped nails a step further with the Almond shape. Wait, aren't those nuts? Yes, they are. This oval shape is a narrow shape with rounded edges. Because of that, it makes your fingers look elongated and glamorous. They are perfect with plain and shiny nail polish colors.

Overview: glamorous, makes your nails look slender and long.

Use if: you have short or long nails, and your nails beds are narrow.

Looks great w/: plain and shiny nail polishes


I know what you're thinking . It's the combination of square-shaped nails and U-shaped. If it's hard for you to decide between square and u-shape, you can just ask your manicurist to combine them. I'm confident she knows this nail shape. It's great for short and long-nailed women.

Overview: it's classic, great for everyone, natural

Use if: you have broad and long nail beds, looks great for short and long fingers.

Looks great w/: geometrical nail arts


It's one of the classy nail shapes, and they stand out with the others. They're pretty durable and require a ton of care and maintenance. So if you want to have this, you shouldn't do any heavy lifting or rigorous tasks. 

Overview: classy, gorgeous, high-maintenance

Use if: narrow and long nail beds.

Looks great w/: matte and subtle nail polish colors


If ballerina doesn't cut out for your nails, then perhaps stiletto would do. This round and pointy nail shape are eye-catching and cool. However, they're high-maintenance and impractical. If you're up for it, just show a picture of this, and your manicurist will already know how to do it.

Overview: makes your fingers look elongated, cool.

Use if: you are up for its maintenance, 

Looks great w/: intricate nail designs

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