Nail Trends: Things You Need to Know About Polygel Nails

Having your nails done in the salon is pretty much the same choosing which dress to wear – it's frustrating and confusing. It's because of the countless options laid for us to choose from. Unlike me, everything goes for me. But for those who aren't the same as me, it can be hard. Especially there's a new option in nail extension – the poly gel nails.

In today's topic, I will lay out everything you need to know about polygel nails and why you should try it.

What is Polygel?

Is it another type of nail extension? Yes, it is. So what exactly is it? Well, think of polygel nails as the offspring of acrylic and hard gel nail extension. Polygel nails have all the good qualities of the two nail extensions and leave out the bad qualities (wish we could do that with our relationships.)

It's applied as an overlay on your natural nails, and it still needs to be cured with UV light. Nothing special, right? Well, polygel is much lighter than acrylic and gel nail extensions. You even can hardly feel them on your nails. 

They're great for women who want to have nails that look like acrylics but can't stand its odor. Plus, they are available in various colors.

What Makes Polygel Great?

Here are the reasons that make polygel great compared to its predecessors.

Undeniably light and strong

Its new formula presents strong and feather-like nails. This feature surpasses what acrylic and gel nail extensions have to offer. In comparison, polygel is 23% lighter than acrylic and 16% lighter than gel nail extensions. They're surprisingly durable for being that light too. That said, you won't have to worry about chipped nails when you wear this. 

Completely safe

Polygel nails are free from monomer powder, and it's 7-free. Because of that, this nail extension is safe for pregnant women and who has allergies. Also, it doesn't have any foul smell as the acrylic nail extension has. 

Super easy to use

The procedure is pretty much the same with gel nail extensions, but much easier. Right after you're done with the preparations, coat your nails with a base coat and cure it. The use of mold may depend on the level of your skill and experience. 

So after you've cured the polygel, you can now file it for your preference. Then, coat it with your favorite nail polish, and you're done. It's that easy.

Outstanding flexibility

Depending on your preferences, the polygel allows you to achieve almost anything with your nails. Whatever shape or nail polish you want, you can do it on polygel without any issues. Click here to learn more about nail shapes. 

So if you ever want to change the nail polish of polygel nails, like how you change your clothes every day, you can do so. Plus, using nail polish remover like acetone doesn't compromise the integrity of the polygel.

Easy to remove

Whenever you want to remove your polygel nails, don't bother bringing out all your implements. Just bring only one, a nail file. That's it. You don't need to soak your finger for several minutes just to remove them, just file them instead. It's fast and doesn't take much effort. 

Last longer

Polygel nails are like acrylic, but they last twice as long as acrylic. However, polygel would cost you more than using acrylic nail extensions. Despite all that, polygel definitely saves you much in the long run since you won't have to manicure your nails for any time soon. 

Final Thoughts

I think that's pretty all about it. Yes, it's still new, so why not give it a try? And if you're really into using polygel nails, try using Edenrays Polygel Nail Kit. It comes with six different colors, twelve nail sizes, and everything you need for applying polygel.

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