Hair Removal Cream - Flawless Depilatory Cream for Underarm, Bikini, Legs, Arms Body - Painless Natural Hair Removal Cream for Women and Men - Sensitive Skin Hair Remover Cream - with Plastic Scraper

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  • PAINLESS AND QUICK HAIR REMOVAL: This hair removal cream thoroughly removes hair in different body areas in the most painless and gentle way possible. It quickly absorbs deep in the skin and loosens the hair follicles which enables the hair to come off without using extreme pulling force. Users can then remove as much hair as possible in one go.
  • DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED AND APPROVED: This product is clinically proven and tested to be compatible with different skin types. It is formulated with multiple natural extracts that prevent irritation, redness, burning, and peeling. Coconut extracts leave behind moisture and aloe vera protects the skin from infections. Achieve a smooth, fragrant, and soft skin after every use.
  • WORKS ON DIFFERENT HAIR TYPES AND BODY AREAS: Users with various hair types can take advantage of this inclusive and effective hair remover. Works great with coarse hair and even sensitive skin. The cream is applicable on different sensitive areas such as the bikini line and underarm, as well as on the arms and legs, and even facial hairs. Your all-in-one hair removal cream for different needs.
  • EASY APPLICATION AND MESS-FREE USE: You can simply apply the cream, wipe it out, and leave no hair behind with this hair removal cream. Get rid of razor burns and cuts with the use of a plastic spatula which leaves you with no mess. It also comes in a travel-friendly size so you can bring this hair removal cream anywhere you go.
  • LONG LASTING EFFECTS: Unlike waxing and shaving, the effects of using this removal cream can last a few days longer. It keeps hair growth at bay and maintains it to a minimum for users to enjoy smooth and soft hairless skin for a longer time. The cream also leaves a fragrant smell without the overpowering chemical scent.