Remeden 50-Count Regular Mouth Canning Lids

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  • LEAK-FREE DESIGN - Our lids come with a sealing ring that drastically improves sealing performance while preventing leaks. Avoid the mess and keep your foods and beverages intact. With such an advanced design, you won't have to worry about dealing with waste or a mess to clean up.
  • EASILY FITS ON ASSORTED CANNING JARS - Use these lids with some of your favorite canning jars, including some of the most popular brands, such as Ball and Kerr. There is no need to go out and buy new canning jars when you can replace damaged and rusted lids with our high-quality options.
  • KEEPS FOOD FRESH EVEN LONGER - Preserve your food with ease using our leak-free, airtight lids sure to keep fruits, vegetables, meats, and beverages free of contaminants.
  • MADE USING DURABLE TINPLATE MATERIAL - We use high-quality tinplate material instead of stainless steel. It's a top-rated material that you can use more than once when canning assorted foods and beverages. In addition, the material can easily withstand both high and low temperatures without experiencing any damage.
  • LABEL WITH EASE - Quickly and easily label your canned foods by attaching a sticker label or writing on these lids with a permanent marker. It's that simple to keep track of what you're storing and when you're storing it.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We're confident you'll be satisfied with our lids. If you have any issues whatsoever, feel free to reach out to us with your comments, questions, and concerns. We'll gladly handle any potential problems while responding quickly and efficiently to address the situation.